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Digital Compositing for the final season of BLACK SAILS. I was hired by Screen Scene in Dublin and assigned to the project for about 2,5 months, I was mainly working on the 7th and 8th episode. The task was the recreation of the philadelphia docks and the surrounding area including CG set extensions, buildings and ships.

A chronicle of the adventures of a pirate captain, his shipmates and his rivals in the early 18th-century Caribbean.”

imageCast: Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold, Hannah New i.a.
Creators: Robert Levine & Jonathan E. Steinberg
Release: 01/2017

Role: Digital Compositor
Software: Nuke

VFX Studio: Screen Scene VFX | Dublin, Ireland
Studio VFX Supervisor: Ed Bruce
Production VFX Supervisor: Erik Henry

Link: IMDb